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RG-INC-PRO, Ruijie Intent Network Commander & SDN Network Controller

Fit for MANs, campus networks, and other scenarios



Highlight Features

  • Managing and controlling the entire network by using open and standard protocols
  • Powerful programmability, allowing customized network resources
  • All-in-one hardware and software delivery system, greatly enhancing network flexibility
  • Using NFV to realize unified control of the entire network
  • Active/Standby and cluster deployment modes for a more stable network

Product Overview

RG-Intent Network Commander (INC) of the PRO Edition is Ruijie Networks' cutting-edge network platform, built upon the principles of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and embracing the open network strategy. This platform exemplifies openness, virtualization, and intelligence at its core.

RG-INC of the PRO Edition excels in managing SDN-based campus networks, providing comprehensive control over client access management, O&M, egress resource management, and service network planning, among other aspects. It can replace the traditional campus network deployment model. Leveraging southbound interface protocols such as OpenFlow and NETCONF, RG-INC realizes unified management of network-wide devices, thus achieving rapid deployment, resource integration, unified planning, and on-demand call. With its Java OSGi modular architecture, RG-INC supports extensions through software package-based upgrades, online component enhancements, and concurrent running of multiple versions. Furthermore, it offers multiple open northbound APIs to extend various applications, catering to diverse service deployment requirements in scenarios such as data centers, metropolitan area networks (MANs), and campus networks.

RG-INC of the EMB Edition revolutionizes building-side switches by integrating functionalities of the building-side switch, server, and controller into a single device. It provides comprehensive support for Simplified Optical Ethernet (SOE) solution management, enabling deployment of SOE switches in small- and medium-sized campus networks, as well as facilitating access, provisioning, and O&M of SF series SOE switches.

Product Highlights

Adopting open and standard protocol standards to manage and control the entire network

Strong programmability, allowing network resources to be customized

Active/Standby and cluster deployment modes, delivering a more stable network

Effectively managing access terminals to ensure secure access

Network-wide automation, enabling fast provisioning

Access policy mobility for devices on a network based on IP address-user mapping

Network-wide traffic visualization and rapid fault location measures for rapidly restoring the production network

Customizing a dedicated virtual network for flexible and efficient resource allocation

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and replacement as well as optic link detection

Adaptation to the SOE Solution, SD-WAN Solution, and SDN Solution

Product Features


RG-INC can realize network-wide device management and control by using open and standard protocols and standards. It supports open standards developed by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). By pushing flow tables through the OpenFlow protocol, it can control all network forwarding devices that support SDN on a network. It supports the OpenFlow 1.0 and 1.3 and is backward-compatible.

RG-INC uses open northbound RESTful APIs. RESTful APIs are easy to call and use and complies with the standard HTTP protocol. The caller and the callee are loosely coupled, which is easy compared with the traditional complex calling process (such as SDK library function loading and identification, not limited by the programming platform and language). Therefore, the RESTful APIs of RG-INC enables the SDN controller to easily interwork with and call cloud platforms, network operation/O&M platforms, and big data analysis platforms.


RG-INC is highly programmable and provides a series of call interfaces, making it easy to interwork with the upper platform through detailed call case simulation and learning. By calling northbound APIs provided by the Ruijie SDN controller, users can customize network resources and program multiple applications to define the entire network.

High Availability

RG-INC supports active/standby, cluster, and other deployment modes, and supports up to three controllers. The cluster deployment mode ensures network stability when a single SDN controller fails. If multiple controllers form a cluster, as long as there is one controller running on the network, the network will be controllable and manageable. If all controllers fail, the original flow table can still be used to ensure communication among all switches that support OpenFlow. That is, the failure of the control plane will not affect normal communication on the data plane.



Software Specifications



Operating system

CentOS 7


Chrome, Firefox, and others

Java VM

Java 1.8 (64-bit)

Southbound API

OpenFlow 1.0 and 1.3

SNMP 2.0

NETCONF over Telnet

Northbound API


The reverse RESTful API help document provides online interface description for keyword query.


Meter table, group table, multi-table, and auxiliary connections

OpenFlow-compatible switches

RG-N18000 series cloud architecture network core switches

RG-S7800C series campus core switches

RG-S6150-X series next-generation converged 10GE switches

RG-S5760-X series next-generation high-performance GE switches

RG-S5310-E series next-generation GE switches

RG-S5300-E series next-generation GE switches

RG-SF2920 Series SOE switches

Other OpenFlow-compliant switches

OpenFlow 1.3 Packet_In(*)

≥ 100 kbps

OpenFlow 1.3 Packet_Out(*)

≥ 100 kbps

Secondary development interface

Hundreds of RESTful APIs

(*) indicates that this parameter is verified under a specific test environment.

Note: The capacity and network size supported are subject to the license purchased. The installation and concurrency of flow tables vary with the specific solution. The values listed in the preceding tables are maximum values.

Technical Specifications




Basic Network Services and Functions

GUI display

Alarm display on the home page

Topology display on the home page

Configuration wizard for building networking

Displaying the numbers of controllers, alarms, logical devices, hosts, and license information on the GUI

Fast theme switching on the home page

Cluster management

Active/Standby and cluster deployment modes for controllers

User management

Saving network configurations on the GUI

Cluster management

Log management and batch export

Configuring alarm types

Security management

Allowlist configuration on the controller

IP address restriction for device access control

Remote debugging

Switching management

Adding, deleting, and batch importing network devices

Network device management, port statistics, flow statistics, and port status management

Configuring the flow table and the group table for network devices

Component management

Activating separate function components

Online upgrade of separate function components

Viewing the flow table

Device discovery

Discovery of upstream devices in compliance with OpenFlow and SNMP v2.0

Topology discovery

Description of the topology of interconnected devices

Host discovery

Discovery of physical hosts and virtual hosts




Proxy ARP

Network interconnection

Layer 2 forwarding (tagged and untagged VLANs supported)

Layer 3 forwarding


dynamic IP address assignment

Network monitoring

Port/Switching failure

Physical link flow control

Advanced Network Services and Functions

Traffic visualization

Network topology

Site (hosts and VMs)

End-to-End network path analysis

Flow statistics

Port statistics

Automated O&M

Zero-touch provisioning

Zero-touch replacement

Optical link fault diagnosis

Access control

Predicting the validity of client access

Binding of client IP addresses, MAC addresses, port numbers, VLANs, and ACLs

Automatic collection of client IP addresses, MAC addresses, and uplink ports, and batch import of other device details

Real-time display of IP address usage

Policy mobility

Automatically obtaining access policies by users based on IP addresses

Service VLAN

Multi-network integration, logical isolation, and on-demand call of network resources

Service chain

Creating a logical security resource pool consisting of physical and virtual security devices, which can be called as needed

Deploying security devices in transparent and routing modes

Intelligent on-demand bypass of devices after a device in a security resource pool fails

Login and logout of devices in a security resource pool without Internet disconnection, and without changing the original physical network topology in the egress area

On-demand flow import based on Layer 2 to Layer 4 flow characteristics (any data flow can be forwarded in traditional or OpenFlow mode)


802.1X WPA3 Enterprise, captive portal, MAC address authentication

Dynamic segmentation and user isolation

Full authentication monitoring and data reporting

Active-active backup

User Interface

Web UI

Web UI management interface

External APIs


*Note: Except for basic network functions, advanced network functions are subject to the software license. The values listed in the preceding tables the maximum values.

Order Information





RG-INC PRO Edition Software, excluding nodes


RG-INC switching INC Service Component License





RG-INC PRO Edition Policy Mobility License


RG-INC PRO Edition Switching Admission Control and Access Control License


RG-INC PRO Edition Service Chain Component License


RG-INC PRO Edition Switching Cluster Control License


RG-INC PRO Edition Automated O&M License


RG-INC PRO Edition Switching Device Management Node License

Each license supports up to 50 devices.


RG-INC PRO Edition Switching Device Management Node License

Each License supports up to 100 devices.


RG-INC PRO Edition Switching Device Management Node License

Each license supports up to 500 devices.


RG-INC PRO Edition Switching Device Management Node License

Each license supports up to 1,000 devices.


INC Authentication Component


INC Authentication User License for Concurrent Online Users 1000


INC Authentication User License for Concurrent Online Users 5000


INC Authentication User License for Concurrent Online Users 20000


RG-INC PRO Edition Automated O&M Management Node License

Each license supports up to 500 devices.

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